Spreading Your Wings with Ward Jenkins

Our Spreading Your Wings posts are about looking for other places in the industry that your children’s market style can find a home. Learning to not limit ourselves to thinking that the only place our style can find us work is strictly doing children’s books. That’s simply not true.

In this post award winning children’s book illustrator, Ward Jenkins drops in to shed some light adn show some sketches from his recent foray into co-directing an animated public service announcement for the NBA and NRDC  about going green and recycling. Ward storyboarded the commercial, did layouts, and illustrated some key frames while another studio used Flash to animate the commercial to completion.  I’ll let Ward explain it better.


NRDC NBA Adds Up PSA – Ward Jenkins/Paul Golden from FFAKE Animation on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since I’d directed anything lately, so it was a welcome pleasure for Paul Golden of Ffake to contact me about co-directing this fun public service announcement for the NBA and NRDC. That’s National Basketball Association (of course) and the National Resources Defense Council – they’re all about going green and recycling, etc. The PSA was a simple walk through of all the ways that the NBA has been working with the NRDC to make sure the league is going green – mostly through the basketball arenas and facilities.

Paul wanted to emulate the look and feel of M. Sasek and his “This Is…” children’s book series, and I – of course, couldn’t say no to that. It was quite a fun adventure working on this spot. Below are some of the first sketches I did of the NBA player and the NRDC scientist guy: Sketches 1 Sketches 2 Sketches 3

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