3 YouTube Drawing Channels You Should Check Out

The Internet has changed education so much since I was in school. It provides so many great resources for people to learn from.  Anything from home improvement to learning how to play the guitar can be learned. Almost anything is on the web. It can also help you become a better artist. One of the best places I have found to help me better my art skills is YouTube. There are so many channels out there dedicated to art it’s hard to find a good place to start. So here’s just a few of the YouTube channels I frequent to help better my art skills.

Proko TV –
We have talked about Proko on the site before but this content bears mentioning again. The site offers high-quality production and the amazing insight given by Stan Prokopenko, not to mention he takes art subjects and makes them pretty entertaining. Proko TV has instructional How to Draw videos. The drawing lessons are approachable enough for beginners and detailed enough for advanced artists.

CGMasterAcademy CGMA –
CG Master Academy (CGMA) is an online community dedicated to helping artists develop and cultivate their creative talents. Filled with some of the best tutorials on YouTube, their online demonstrations will help aspiring artists in their goals of becoming industry artists.

FZD School –
And finally, I enjoy the FZD School channel.  This channel is made by the instructors at FZD School of Design which provides an education in entertainment design. Even though this is partially an advertisement for their school it is a great resource for learning tips and tricks for creating production artwork. They talk about how to be a professional, what to put in your portfolio and many many other topics in these almost hour long videos. It’s a good source of inspiration for me.

These are just a few of my favorite YouTube channels. If you have any that you think should be added to this list please leave them in the comments and we can continue to add to this Post.

How to Draw Gesture With

A ways back I wrote a post about Proko is a resource for artists to get good art instruction videos on figure drawing, Portrait drawing and many other topics. The site is run by Stan Prokopenko. He’s an artist and teacher. If you like to learn more about this go back and read my first post about Proko.

Recently, I was back on the Proko site and found a great video on “How to Draw Gesture”. I watch the entire tutorial and thought it was a great overview on gesture drawing and I wanted to share. Stan goes over some important concepts to remember while practicing gesture drawing. He talks about Longest axis, Line of Action, Asymmetry of the body and something he calls CSI. This is a concept that I had never heard of but when you see it and apply it to gesture drawing the concept becomes clear. He says “To eliminate the unnecessary information in the contours and to capture that gesture the lines you use should be simple. Don’t use anything more complicated than a C curve, S curve, or straight.” CSI. Stan shares a lot of good information so give it a watch and let us know if you found it helpful.

Check out more of the videos Proko has to offer at the Proko YouTube channel or at his website

Need help with drawing heads?

Recently, I found some wonderful tutorial videos on drawing the human head at a site called The site was made by Stan Prokopenko, a web developer, teacher and artist. Stan so far has made four tutorial videos on drawing the human head at various angles. He does a great job simplifying and breaking down Andrew Loomis‘ approach to drawing heads. It’s a great method for drawing the head from various angles and stan presents the information in an interesting way. In the first video he breaks down the proportions when drawing a head. In his subsequent videos he shows the process for the front, side and three-quarter view. The videos are all done with a good production value and contain great information. Check out the videos at his YouTube channel or at his website