Improving Your Facebook FanPage


Once you’ve set up your Facebook fan page you might think you’re done but there’s still a lot more work to do. You may get a few Likes at first but the goal here is to continue gaining momentum and continuing to spread the word.


Spreading the word
Now that your fan page is set up Facebook walks you through a few steps. First thing Facebook Highlights is the “Like” button. Liking your fan page shares the “Like” with your other Facebook account’s timeline. Which starts the process of building support for your fan page. It spreads the word to all of your other accounts friends. Another option Facebook gives you is emailing your friends to let them know about your new fan page. Whichever way you like to spread the word, do it. Sadly, for most of us the only people that will spread the word for you is you and your mom, so it’s on you to spread the word about your art. Don’t forget to add a Facebook like button on your blog and webpage. Join art related Facebook groups and share your page with them. And finally, “Like” other artist’s fan pages. You never know they may like you back.


Paying Facebook to spread the word for you
Facebook does offer a service that for a fee they will get viewers to your page by advertising your posts or your page. When you run your ad or sponsored story on Facebook, they only charge you for the number of clicks you receive. When I set up my fan page I was shown a drop-down with 4 pricing options. Each were on a per day basis and ranged from $5 to $20 a day. The amount that you pay will never be more than your daily or lifetime budget and there are no additional fees associated with running ads or sponsored stories on Facebook. The larger your budget, the more people a campaign is likely to reach. Personally as an artist my budget for advertising is very low so I did not choose any of these options. I certainly don’t want to dissuade anyone from using this service so if you’re interested this option can be found in the admin panel which we will talk about in a little bit.


Cover Image
Next, I created a cover image in PhotoShop and uploaded it. I would suggest creating an image that highlights some of your work and says what the page is about. Once you’ve created this image or just want to move forward with an existing image click the “Add a cover” button found in the lower right-hand corner where the cover page image will appear. Now click on “Upload Photo.” Upload the banner image you’ve selected. Adjust the image’s placement and click save changes. Wilson Wiliams made a wonderful template for the cover photo showing you the live area. Check it out. Continue reading

Fix Missing Images from Post on Facebook

On OnceUponASketch we are constantly posting our articles and posts to Facebook and any other number of social networks. When you post a link on Facebook it usually goes to the link and finds images that it then gives you the option of displaying in association with your post. Sometimes when we post to Facebook we have a problem getting the images associated with an article to show up. Also at times the link seems to be broken and won’t connect though the link is correct. Here is how you fix that!

The Facebook Debugger!


To use the Facebook Debugger you simply follow the above link.

Enter the link to your post and the debugger will search it out.


After it searches your link it will deliver back to you information on what it finds.

It will also list possible reasons the link may not work and things you may need to fix. However, generally just entering your link into the debugger is sufficient to correct the reasons that your link isn’t displaying properly.


Debugging the link usually fixes the issues Facebook may be having with it. After debugging you simply need to try posting the link again to Facebook. If it still doesn’t work then the information returned after debugging may prove useful in troubleshooting the problem. Enjoy!

5 Steps to Setting up a Facebook Fan Page


This week on Once Upon a Sketch we are going to talk about setting up a Facebook fan page. Wilson and I recently both set up fan pages and we’re going to share everything we learned with you. It’s not a difficult process but it’s always nice to have someone to help you through it. Here we go.


1. Log into Facebook. If you don’t already have an account you’ll need to create one to make a fan page.


2. Once you’re logged in, click on the gear in the top right corner of your page. Now click “Advertising.”

fbfp0013. Then you should be on a page titled “Advertise on Facebook”. Below this title you should see three steps. The one you’re looking for is “Step 1: Build your Facebook Page”. In the text under step one you will find a link that says “Create a Page”. Click on that link. Continue reading