25 Things They Ought to Teach in Art School??


I was listening to a podcast by illustrator Rob Duenas recently that went into a few of the things that he felt an art school education lacked. He listed a number of things that would definitely be beneficial to know but many I also feel you have to learn on the fly. Some things just can’t be taught in a class and require you to have life experience for the lessons to be taught. Overall the podcast is funny, informative and a little angry. LOL! Which is understandable considering the types of things Mr.Duenas deals with on a consistent basis. After doing this blog I have a new appreciation for some of his frustration. Here’s a link to his podcast.

Be forewarned he is frank and unapologetic in his use of language. So if you have sensitive ears. Pass on this one!

So if we were to make our own list, what would be on your top 25 list?

Now it has been a long time since I have been in art school and I admit that there are elements of what we do that I wish was covered while I was in attendance. But things have changed. I’m sure many schools have adjusted their curriculum to better suit the needs an art student will have upon graduating. (Or at least I hope so.)
My list would begin with the following;

  1. Marketing and Self Promotion.
  2. Copyright Law and the best ways to protect your work.
  3. Creating Contracts and how to read and understand them.
  4. The steps needed to create a Business (LLC) and open business bank accounts.
  5. How to pay taxes and use appropriate write offs based on your business.

This would be the start of my list. What would you put on yours?

For those more recently graduated what aspects are they covering now within my list that may not have been as relevant in the past when I graduated?