Schoolism’s Character Design class and My thoughts


I took a character design class online with Stephen Silver through But before I start talking about the specific course, I probably should tell you what Schoolism is and how is works. Schoolism is an online school that teaches classes for artists. The classes are taught by working professionals through out the 9 to 14 weeks course (depending on the classes). They offer a self taught version for around $500 dollars and a critiqued session course for $1000 dollars. The classes are pre-recorded with a new lecture activated every week. Each week there is an assignment, which is due the following week. When you complete the weekly homework, if you take the critiqued session, you can upload to the Schoolism site for grading. With the critiqued Session the instructor draws over the submitted work giving you a personalized critique video. I found this to be a great service with a lot of good and helpful information for artists but it comes at a premium price.

The course I took was Character Design (critiqued session) with Stephen Silver. Stephen Silver is a great character designer working in the field of animation. He has worked on shows like Disney Channel‘s Kim PossibleABC TV‘s Clerks: The Animated Series, and Nickelodeon‘s Danny Phantom (on which he was also art director). Over the nine week class, he shared with me his techniques for producing characters. Starting with his influences, responsibilities of Character Designers, silhouettes, design principles, turnarounds, and some secrets of how to design characters for animation, feature films, and the video game industry.

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