Designing Characters with Shape


The last few weeks I have been doing a lot of character design for a personal project. One of the best ways I’ve found to design interesting characters quickly is by playing with simple shapes. An example I’ve found of this is on Luigi Lucarelli‘s Youtube channel.

He has three screen casts where he starts with a simple shape outline and then adds detail until he ends up with a finished line drawing. The first is four male characters of varying ages. The next two follow the same format but this time they are of female characters. His approach is the same one I’ve been using to design my own characters, so I’ve taken to watching these videos while I’m working for inspiration.

I hope you find watching Luigi’s process as inspirational and interesting as I do.

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Tutorials-Raise Your Hand! Part 2

In our second installment on hands I wanted to shift away from the tutorials a bit and just share some sketches of hands(with notes) of a favorite Illustrator of mine, Luigi Lucarelli! Luigi is a concept artist and Illustrator based out of California. I ran across his work on Deviant and whenever new stuff of his pops up I find myself studying it!
Leos Forest small
In a few of his posts he answers questions received from fans. One of the questions he asks is one that I asked in regards to drawing children’s hands! (How lucky am I?)

So please browse on through some of his sketches and pay attention to his notes! He give a number of great little tidbits throughout! Enjoy!


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