Guest Post-Laura wood walks us through creating her Promo Pack!

Today we have a guest post from Laura Wood. A burgeoning student of illustration who comes to us from Melbourne, Australia.

Many artists have different methods that they use when approaching potential clients and creating promotional materials. Some illustrators purchase lists, create their own lists, subscribe to directories, or use agencies to send out promotions to publishers or potential clients.

No matter how you compile your lists, at some point you need to create and publish some form of self promotion for yourself. We are so lucky that Laura let’s us take a peek into her process and the package she recently sent  out. Hopefully we can all get some tips and inspiration from her process (and that beautiful artwork!)

A few days ago I did my first official promo mailer and I would like to share how I did it.
This is because I’ve researched a lot before doing it and even if lots of people were saying how important it is to do it, I struggled to find practical info of HOW to do it! So I would like to share exactly how I did it, and hopefully this would be useful for people who have never done it before.

First of all I designed my promo sheets. They need to include some of your best images and your contact info on every page. Mine was intent to be directed to publishing houses so I decided to include only illustration with kids, animals and a sense of narrativity.

I’ve decided to not include more than 3 pages, manly for costs reasons but also because I read that’s what people usually do. I made it an horizontal design because my images are mostly horizontal and it was easier to fit them in the page. After struggling a bit (how can I fit vertical and horizontal formats in just one horizontal page??) this is what I’ve come out with.


The first page includes 2 images from Goldilocks story and 2 from Red Riding hood. Including more picture from the same story is important so that I can show I am able to give continuity and a sense of narrativity. (click on the image to make it bigger)


This page is focused on pictures that show backgrounds, animals and people, in particular kids!

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