Words of Wisdom-Kevin William Cross

“Just had another client tell me on a Friday that they want the world and they want it by Monday morning. Too many illustrators allow themselves to get steamrolled by this I think. Thus making this kind of request standard. Lately I’ve frequently been finding myself saying, “I don’t have office hours over the weekend, but I’ll happily get back to your project on Monday.”


Illustrators aren’t servants. We are professionals and deserve to be treated thusly. If you are an illustrator who lets clients order you around, please remember this. Act accordingly. Don’t get pushed around. Be thankful for the business, but don’t be treated like a second class citizen. They need us just as much as we need them.”

-Kevin William Cross

San Francisco Bay Area native, Kevin Cross, is an illustrator and cartoonist currently living in Portland, Oregon with his rad wife and their beautiful new born daughter. He has done storyboarding, design, and illustration work for many clients including Marvel Entertainment, IDW Publishing, THQ Games, Real Skateboards, and Spitfire Wheels. When not working on professional freelance illustration assignments, he writes and illustrates his own funny books and has been playing guitar for various punk rock outfits since 1985.

See more of his work on his website. Find more of his experiences and wisdom on his blog and facebook pages.