Make it Work

I recently finished this new promo piece. This illustration will be included in the next promotional catalog put out by MBArtists.

The illustration was inspired by my son, who happens to be obsessed with trains at the moment. I wanted to share my process with everyone, so please follow along as I go from the initial sketch to the final illustration;


With any illustration, I started with the sketch.  This was done in Photoshop. At this point, I was still not completely satisfied with the background or the foreground elements. Typically, if this was for a client, I would make sure to resolve everything before moving on…however, since I was essentially doing this for my own indulgence, I decided to plow ahead and see where things would take me. One of the luxuries to being your own art director is that you get to explore and react to a piece as you are developing it. 

But before I moved onto colors, I duplicated my sketch layer. One layer, I left at the very top of my layer stack, this will be left invisible and set to multiply. This layer would only be turned on if I needed to refer to my sketch later on as I rendered. My second layer was put at the very bottom of my stack.With any illustration, I started off with the sketch. This was done in Photoshop. At this point, I was still not completely satisfied with the background or the foreground elements. Continue reading

Starting a Texture Library with

cgt001 is a great resource to find photo textures for your images. None of these photos will win any photography competitions. The images are, for the most part, flat and evenly lit and have straight on camera angles. And that’s the point. You add the interest when adding them to your illustrations, 3D models, logos or graphic design projects. I’ve started to build up my own personal texture library from stock photo sites and other free textures I’ve found around the web. It’s been a long expensive process and now that I found this site I feel like a sucker for paying for textures. Trying to find nice high-quality images on the internets has been the most challenging part. But has a large selection of high-quality images organized well for you to download for free. Continue reading

The Little Prince : One of My Favorite Children’s Books

My list of favorite children’s books is quite long (no surprise there), but one that really stands out is The Little Prince. Published in 1943, written by French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s. According to Wikipedia it has been translated into 190 languages and sold more than 80 million copies.

The Little Prince

I received The Little Prince as a gift for Christmas a looooong time ago! The picture above is the original book. It is in both Spanish and French. I remember thinking that the illustrations were simple and the story quite plain. It was some boy on an asteroid taking care of the asteroid and a rose. No big deal, right?

However, it was not until a few years passed and I read it again that I began to capture the deeper meaning of the book. I fell in love with it. It the kind of book that lifts you up when you are down and shows you that you can find happiness if you seek it. It is one of those books that grows on you and that you can read every year and find more beauty and wisdom leaving you with a reflective feeling.

Do you want to learn more about The Little Prince?

  • Here’s a teaser from the TV series (in French):

  • You can check out the book from your local library or find it at your local bookstore. You can also buy it online.
  • You can also choose to listen to the book narrated by Richard Burton by downloading it from iTunes.
  • If you are a major fan and feel compelled to have items with The Little Prince you might consider visiting the online boutique.
  • If you haven’t read the book. Don’t hesitate…go read it!