TED-Ed Takes a look at What Makes a Hero

We love TED here at Once Upon a Sketch and todays Ted’s talk lessons worth sharing is a short video that take’s a look at What Makes a Hero. Matthew Winkler takes us through the crucial events that make or break a hero and why we relate to them. From Harry Potter to Frodo Baggins this video breaks down the heroes journey.

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Kazu Kibuishi’s Interview with About New Harry Potter Covers


By now I’m sure most of you have already read the Harry Potter books, but did you know that there being rereleased with new artwork from Eisner Award-nominated comic book artist and author Kazu Kibuishi? Well, Kazu Kibuishi is doing new artwork for the books and Scholastic is rereleasing them in a box set on August 27th in honor of the series’ 15th anniversary next year. Now that your up to date, he talked with Bookish about his experience with creating the new covers for the iconic series. In the interview he admits that he was “surprised” that Scholastic approached him about creating the covers for all seven Harry Potter books. In the interview he also talks about Mary GrandPré’s original artwork for the series and how he empathizes with J.K. Rowling. Here is an excerpt from Bookish’s conversation with Kazu Kibuishi. Continue reading

Kazu Kibuishi’s Process for Creating Amulet


One of the best ways I learn is from other artists. So when I ran across the Eisner Award-nominated comic book artist and author Kazu Kibuishi’s art process I had to share it. Kazu Kibuishi is best known for his work on the Amulet series by Scholastic’s Graphix, but more recently he’s done the covers for the newly rereleased Harry Potter books. In the images below Kibuishi shows his process for creating pages in his comic series Amulet Volume 4. Like most of us he starts with a script, does some rough sketches, and then continues to refine. The first set of images is the script and rough layouts for the pages. Below each set of thumbnails are links to the larger versions of the images so you can see more detail.


Veiw the full size image of the Script Pages
Veiw the full size image of the Rough Sketch

These next set of images are pages 68 and 69 in the book. It’s a two page spread and might be the most striking of the illustrations. It’s amazing how the line work comes to life in the colored version.
kazukibuishiprocess03View the full size image for Pages 68 and 69 inked here
View the full size image for Pages 68 and 69 final image here Continue reading