Fix Missing Images from Post on Facebook

On OnceUponASketch we are constantly posting our articles and posts to Facebook and any other number of social networks. When you post a link on Facebook it usually goes to the link and finds images that it then gives you the option of displaying in association with your post. Sometimes when we post to Facebook we have a problem getting the images associated with an article to show up. Also at times the link seems to be broken and won’t connect though the link is correct. Here is how you fix that!

The Facebook Debugger!


To use the Facebook Debugger you simply follow the above link.

Enter the link to your post and the debugger will search it out.


After it searches your link it will deliver back to you information on what it finds.

It will also list possible reasons the link may not work and things you may need to fix. However, generally just entering your link into the debugger is sufficient to correct the reasons that your link isn’t displaying properly.


Debugging the link usually fixes the issues Facebook may be having with it. After debugging you simply need to try posting the link again to Facebook. If it still doesn’t work then the information returned after debugging may prove useful in troubleshooting the problem. Enjoy!

Facebook Fan Page Banner and Profile pic template

I recently launched my Facebook fan page as well as my first Children’s e-book fan page for my upcoming, “Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep”. Written be Julia Dweck. Both of them are on Facebook.

In the process I tried to find a guide on the sizes of everything. What dimensions are the banner? What size is the profile pic? Where do they rest in relation to each other? I found bits of info from multiple sources and decided to compile the info into a template that I decided to share with our readers.

Please note that these dimensions are for Facebook fan pages only. Not your normal Facebook pages, those dimensions are slightly different.


You can download this template in 3 formats; Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and a .pdf. The Photoshop and Illustrator files are set up with multiple layers for ease of creation. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or corrections in comments!

    Illustrator Facebook Fan Page Banner/Icon Template

    PDF Facebook Fan Page Banner/Icon Template

    Photoshop Facebook Fan Page Banner/Icon Template

And since we’re discussing Facebook Fan Pages, you can find my fan page here!


As well as my new children’s e-book fan page here! Publication date September 5, 2013. (Mark your calendars!)  Be sure to like them!