Wacom Drawing Tablet Coming August 20th?

Earlier this year Wacom put out a vague tweet about a drawing tablet. Then a few days ago this YouTube video appeared showing off a bunch of different Wacom products which also hinted at the “Next Big Thing”. The video ends with the date August 20th, 2013 and the words Wacom’s next Creative Evolution. The video doesn’t give a lot of details, it doesn’t even say what the “next Creative Evolution” is. Guess we’ll just have to wait until August 20th, but just because there’s not a lot of details doesn’t mean I can’t get excited about a possible new mobile drawing solution. Look for our write up on this announcement around the 20th of this month, but for now you can just speculate and dream with me in the comments.

Wacom Unveils Multi-Touch 22HD Drawing Tablet


Wacom produces several lines of tablets for digital artists, graphics designers and photographers and they are adding a new entry into there line up. The Wacom Cintiq 22HD tablet Touch. Like the Cintiq 24HD Touch the new 22HD introduces multi-touch functionality for gestures like rotating canvases, panning and zooming along side the great stylus-based drawing. The stylus retains its 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and the ExpressKeys return as well on either side of the drawing surface. The overall weight of the Cintiq 22HD has been reduced from 33.7 pounds to 18.5 pounds with the stand.

With touch comes added cost. The Cintiq 22HD touch costs $2,500 which is a $500 premium on the non-touch version. Wacom is releasing a new, improved version of the Cintiq 24HD Touch in may in the US.