Free Hour Training on Painting in Sketchbook Pro with Bobby Chiu

Watch concept artist Bobby Chiu paint the new cover art for Sketchbook Pro 6. He starts off by walking you through a very basic tutorial, so if you’ve never used sketchbook before this is a good place to start. He shows you how to use and set up brushes and then moves to showing you all the controls and what they do. After the basic walk-through he gets into the meat of the video and starts his process for creating the cover art for SBP6. Bobby moves into more of his thought process of what it takes to create a drawing which I found very helpful. I always like getting a glimpse of what goes through other artist’s heads when creating their art.

From sketch to finish Bobby shows you step-by-step the entire piece and how it was created. If you’ve got a free hour to sit down and learn sketchbook I would really suggest starting with this video. It’s very helpful. I even learned a few things and I’ve been using this program for the last 3 years.