Infographic on Why to Showcase Your Work On Online


By now we should all know that to be successful in our industry you need to have an online presence. Freelance artists must promote their work in as many places as possible to gain exposure and attract as many clients as we can. This infographic made by the PrintRunner Blog shows statistics and sites that designers and illustrators can use to promote their portfolios.


It was originally intended for designers but it is definitely applicable to illustrators’ work. They discuss using seven different sites to promote your work as well as statistics for each site. I have used most of these but a few I haven’t tried yet. The sites are,,,,,, and


The infographic discusses statistics for each site and the advantages of paying for each service. Most offer a free version but a few do not. It also talks about the pros and cons of each site, whether it offers mobile support and the site’s community size. It also has a few best practices when showing your portfolio online. Here is the full infographic. Take a look at the graphic and decide which service you would like to use to promote your work.