Free perspective software released by Epic games

At Epic Games, they have a monthly tradition where they let their employees for one Friday a month work on whatever pet project they want. They call this day Epic Friday. One Friday one of their Senior Environment Artist Warren Marshall wanted to improve his fundamental drawing skills so he developed a program for laying down perspective lines. This stand alone application makes it easier to find a vanishing point in an image. This feature is built into some existing software like Illustrator and Photoshop, but if you don’t have the latest version of these, then this is a good tool that will do the same job. The app he developed is called Carapace. This is a simple application with only one purpose finding, laying down and then making a computer-generated vanishing point. Carapace allows you to lay down one, two or three points of perspective and it will lay down the rest of the grid for you. Epic Games and Warren were nice enough to share this application with their community of users, if you have a PC. Sorry Mac users no application available yet. To read Epic Games entire post and to download the app follow the link here.