Guest Post-Brian Krumm-3 Reasons You Must Attend the Pixar Artists’ Masterclass

So often we hear about these conferences and classes for artists to continue their education.  Many times with high admission prices and we wonder if they are worth it. We feel grateful that we can offer you insight from a trusted source who has attended an event we advertised and can give an informed review of his experience.

We posted a while ago about a wonderful opportunity for artists to take a Masterclass with veteran Pixar artists in Miami. (Post here)  We were lucky to have a reader and on the rise Illustrator that was able to attend and give us some feedback on their experience.

Brian C. Krümm is a freelance Illustrator with a promising career in front of him and a portfolio full of imagination under his arm! He informed us of his intention to attend and graciously offered to provide a review for us of his experience. So without further adieu let’s see what he thought!

3 Reasons You MUST Attend the Pixar Artists’ Masterclass


Why should you go to the Pixar Artists’ Masterclass?  Here are 3 reasons:


1) Learn

2) Experience

3) Network


To kick off the recent 2-day Masterclass in Miami, instructor Matthew Luhn gave us the following warning: Our time together is going to fly, and by the end of this course, you will never watch a movie or read a book the same way again.  He wasn’t joking!  The cost of enhancing your story-telling is $499, and it’s more than worth the investment of your time and money.

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