Schoolism interview with Disney and DreamWorks Visual Development Artist couple, Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying


Two of my favorite artists, married couple, Mike Yamada & Victoria Ying recently did an interview with Bobby Chiu from schoolism. They discuss how it is as a married couple working in the same industry at competing companies. Victoria at Disney and Mike at DreamWorks where they are visual development artists. They’ve contributed to movies such as How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph & Paperman. They also work together illustrating their own projects through their company, Extracurricular Activities. They discuss their recent kick starter program and how they ended up getting funded. Towards the end they talk about their process and what kind of artists each of them is and how they continue to work at there craft to keep growing.

Free Audio Stream of The Perfect Bait by Bobby Chiu

This month as a holiday gift Schoolism and Bobby Chiu are offering a free audio stream of Bobby’s book The Perfect Bait. The Perfect Bait is an audiobook about finding your natural style and creating demand as a creative artist. This is how he describes his book:


“When I was a student in art school, I had an idea of making a book. It would be about how to become a successful artist, as seen from the viewpoint of somebody who wasn’t successful yet. Continue reading

Free Hour Training on Painting in Sketchbook Pro with Bobby Chiu

Watch concept artist Bobby Chiu paint the new cover art for Sketchbook Pro 6. He starts off by walking you through a very basic tutorial, so if you’ve never used sketchbook before this is a good place to start. He shows you how to use and set up brushes and then moves to showing you all the controls and what they do. After the basic walk-through he gets into the meat of the video and starts his process for creating the cover art for SBP6. Bobby moves into more of his thought process of what it takes to create a drawing which I found very helpful. I always like getting a glimpse of what goes through other artist’s heads when creating their art.

From sketch to finish Bobby shows you step-by-step the entire piece and how it was created. If you’ve got a free hour to sit down and learn sketchbook I would really suggest starting with this video. It’s very helpful. I even learned a few things and I’ve been using this program for the last 3 years.

Bobby Chiu demonstrates how to add highlights and scales using Sketchbook Pro

Today I received an email from Schoolism and Autodesk highlighting a new bonus tutorial video from Bobby Chiu. In the video he demonstrates how to add highlights and scales on a fictional creature using Sketchbook Pro. Of course, I watched it immediately because I am a big fan of both Sketchbook Pro and Bobby Chiu. Should’ve known Mr. Chiu would be releasing training videos using sketchbook with him having created the box art for Sketchbook Pro 6. To watch the full 10 minute video tutorial follow the link here to Schoolism’s blog or watch the video below after the break.

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