Drawing Contest from Autodesk

If you’re age 13 to 24 and have a iOS, a android device, Mac or PC then you’re halfway to winning some fabulous prizes from Autodesk. Download the free Autodesk SketchBook Express app for your device of choice, then the only thing left to do is tell “My Story” using the SketchBook Express app. If this sounds like a good idea to you then join the “Live it. Sketch it. Share it.” design competition. Your story could be pretty much anything. A character you created. A moment in your life or something that symbolizes your culture. It sounds pretty wide-open to me.

If your image is selected by the judges Autodesk is offering some nice prizes. The prizes range from a Wacom drawing tablet, $2000 worth of art classes from Schoolism or have your work critiqued by Bobby Chiu. So who can enter? You must be 13 to 24 years of age and be a resident of one of the countries where the competition is available. For the rest of the official rules visit the contests page. The contest ends July 31. So you have around a hundred days left to get your Image submitted. Best of luck to you youngsters.

Great Sketchbook Pro Demo Videos

When I’m not working in Photoshop I spend my time with Sketchbook Pro. As I was trying to figure something out with a tool in Sketchbook Pro I came across their YouTube page and found some great videos of artists using Sketchbook and as can easily happen when searching for one thing on the Internet you find something you never intended.

The first video I got side tracked by is from Asuka111 and this demo is called Bike Craft. Asuka111 starts with Sketchbook on the iPad and then brings the drawing onto Sketchbook Pro on their PC to finish it up.

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Bobby Chiu demonstrates how to add highlights and scales using Sketchbook Pro

Today I received an email from Schoolism and Autodesk highlighting a new bonus tutorial video from Bobby Chiu. In the video he demonstrates how to add highlights and scales on a fictional creature using Sketchbook Pro. Of course, I watched it immediately because I am a big fan of both Sketchbook Pro and Bobby Chiu. Should’ve known Mr. Chiu would be releasing training videos using sketchbook with him having created the box art for Sketchbook Pro 6. To watch the full 10 minute video tutorial follow the link here to Schoolism’s blog or watch the video below after the break.

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SketchBook Pro is back with new features


One of my favorite drawing apps is back with all new features and a streamlined interface. Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6 is a drawing and painting app with familiar tools designed for professional artists. SketchBook Pro 6 is designed to feel and respond just like a sketchpad when used with pen tablets. Updates include 100 brush presets to your library, a smudge tool brush and a color blending brush. Other features are the ability to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color balance, and grayscale. A few of the updates are just bringing it more up to speed with Photoshop, but nevertheless happy to see them included. Here’s a few new features, from the Autodesk website and a few extras I thought were good additions:

• Streamlined interface delivers an unobstructed and discoverable environment, keeping you in the creative zone.
• Multitouch navigation support on the latest Wacom devices.
• Synthetic paintbrushes that behave more like traditional paint mediums.
• Smudge brushes for blending colors.
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