Schoolism Spring Sale


Schoolism is an online series of art courses taught by award winning professionals. They present a great opportunity for those who are seeking to advance their skill sets in the various arenas offered. All self-taught classes from are $100 off right now through April 15, 2014 bringing the cost of the class down to $370. Check out the site and see what courses they have available! We have reviewed several of schoolism’s courses on OUaS and have found them very helpful. To read any of our thoughts on these courses you can find links to them below.

Character Design 1 with Stephen Silver (Critiqued Session)
Character Design 2 with Stephen Silver (Self-taught)
Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo (Self-taught)

If you do intend to take a course at Schoolism and you follow this link OUaS will receive a small portion of the purchase price that we can use on attending other courses and reviewing them for you.

Schoolism’s Gesture Drawing class and My thoughts

Last weekend I finished up my Gesture drawing class at with Alex Woo. This is the second class I’ve taken at this site and so far I’ve found both classes to be very helpful. The first class I took at Schoolism was character design (Read my review of that class here). When I took my first class I took it as the Video Feedback option where you take the course, watch the videos, do the homework and then the instructor gives you a 5 to 10 minute review of your work. I found the video feedback very helpful but it was double the price. This time trying to save a few bucks I took the class as a Self-Taught. Self-Taught classes let you work at your own pace and take the lessons whenever you want with in a 3 month window. My thoughts on the Self-Taught version vs the Video Feedback classes in a bit. First lets talk a little about Gesture drawing with Alex Woo.  Continue reading