Free, User friendly, 3D Software, and it’s Great for Artists

Do you know about SketchUp? It can be a really handy tool for artists. SketchUp is a free 3-D modeling program simplified so that almost anyone can use it.


Most 3-D software is very complex to use where as SketchUp was designed to be accessible by anyone. This software is available in both free and professional versions. As well as being very easy to use, SketchUp also offers a 3-D warehouse where users have uploaded 3D objects like windows, cars, trees, buildings, and a plethora of other objects.


Example from comic artist Leinil Francis Yu, using Google Sketch Up to create the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange and then integrate it into his drawing.

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Starting a Texture Library with

cgt001 is a great resource to find photo textures for your images. None of these photos will win any photography competitions. The images are, for the most part, flat and evenly lit and have straight on camera angles. And that’s the point. You add the interest when adding them to your illustrations, 3D models, logos or graphic design projects. I’ve started to build up my own personal texture library from stock photo sites and other free textures I’ve found around the web. It’s been a long expensive process and now that I found this site I feel like a sucker for paying for textures. Trying to find nice high-quality images on the internets has been the most challenging part. But has a large selection of high-quality images organized well for you to download for free. Continue reading