The house of mouse is looking for summer interns

wdaslogoThe house of mouse is looking for summer interns. So if you are a student the information to apply is below. Once upon a sketch is not affiliated at all with Walt Disney Animation Studios so please don’t apply in the comments. We would hate for someone to miss out on a great opportunity. This is strictly just news and hopefully an exciting opportunity for some of our readers.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Summer Internship Program is an eight-week experience designed for students studying art, design, animation, computer graphics, graphics engineering, film & media, and production management. As a Walt Disney Animation Studios intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work directly with a Disney mentor as you explore all aspects of art, storytelling, and filmmaking. This immersive program offers hands-on experience focused on individual craft and multidisciplinary team collaboration. If accepted the 2013 Summer Intern program will be held at our Burbank, CA studio starting Monday, June 17, 2013.

They are looking for internships in these areas: Look Development, Layout, Lighting, Production Management, Character Rigging, CG Animation, 2D Animation, Visual Development, Modeling, Summer Intern – Effects, Summer Intern – Technical Director and Summer Intern – Story. The deadline is coming up quick (Monday, April 16, 2013 at 11:59 PM PST) so get your resumes ready and good luck. You can apply by following this link. (Source)

Future of 2D Animation with Disney’s Paperman

Sadly Disney has pulled the full Paperman short and has replaced it with this trailer.

If you’re like me when you first saw the Oscar winning animated short “Paperman” I thought I had seen the future of 2D animation. I watched it over and over again trying to figure out how they gave 3D models a hand-drawn look. Well, in this behind-the-scenes look the director, John Kahrs, demonstrates how they did this exact process. The technique used combines traditional hand drawn 2D animation and then translates the 2D information on to a 3D model. The program used is called “Meander” created by Eric Daniels. “It’s not like a texture map. It’s just like painting on the surface of the CG. It actually moves on a 2D layer that’s driven by the CG.” Thats how Kahrs described this process. He also talks about bringing the “Hand of the artist” into 3D features and if you ask me he accomplished the goal. John Kahrs believes this process is not ready for a feature length film, but that this technique has a bright future. Check out this clip about how they created this new 3D look.

I want to leave you with John Kahrs’s last thoughts from this inside look. Although he is talking about movies and I’m going to paraphrase him here, but I think it can be applied to things every artist is working on. He said “I wanted it to be a rich dimensional world that you could feel like you could reach into. I want the audience to trust that this world is out there.”