I love art books episode 001: Overwatch Visual Sourcebook

Let’s get this out-of-the-way right off the bat. I love seeing others artwork. It inspires me… which makes me a sucker for art books. Every time there’s a sale on Amazon or I find one secondhand I need to buy it. So as opposed to leaving them on my shelf to get dusty I decided to start making videos with them. Not only for you but for reference for myself. So My first video for I love art books is for one of my favorite games in the last couple years. Not because of the gameplay but because of the Visual development that went into it. Every time I need some inspiration for character designs I reach for the Overwatch Visual Sourcebook.

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    Having grown up on the shores of Maui, Hawaii, Norm has always had a love for drawing. Since leaving the Islands’ beautiful beaches and landing in Oregon he went to college and received a degree in graphic design. Now living in Beaverton, Oregon, Norm has been working as a full-time graphic designer and illustrator for the last 12 years. He has spent countless hours perfecting his craft as a freelance illustrator working on several children’s books, a few video games and creating numerous educational products. His ability to draw has given him the chance to do the thing he truly loves — Create.


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