Posting schedule change to OUaS

Hello Dear Readers,

On August 22, 2013 I put Once Upon a Sketch on hiatus and in January we brought the site back with some wonderful new contributors. These new contributors were all willing to share their knowledge and experience with our readers. I personally enjoyed reading what they had to write each week and their posts not only inspired me but also helped me to become a better illustrator. I didn’t know how long we could keep this new format going with so many new factors involved and so many contributors. As the months have gone by people have become more and more busy and have had less time to contribute to the site. Bringing us to now when we no longer have enough contributors time to continue our normal output of posts each week. We knew we would not be able to keep up this format forever but tried to keep it going as long as we could. We knew there might be a day when we would have to make some changes to the site and that day is here. As of today we will be no longer posting twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays and moving to a format that’s a little bit more sporadic. I will continue writing one post a week which will be posted to Once Upon a Sketch as well as my personal website. With the other contributors busy schedules they will be adding in their posts as well but it won’t be as structured as before. When they have time to write a post they will put it up both here and on their own personal sites. We are also playing around with some other ideas to keep our content fresh. Once we figure out these new ideas we will share this information with you.

Of course all the content that has been created on the site will continue to stay up for a long time. I hope people continue to use this site as a resource and it continues to help people grow and become better artists.

Norm Grock


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