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On July 30th, 2014 Axiotron, the company that will convert your Apple MacBook into a pen-based Mac Drawing tablet launched a KickStarter campaign to fund their new Apple tablet conversion project called the Modbook X. The Modbook X KickStarter is exactly what you might think Axiotron would be offering with their campaign. They are taking the latest retina display MacBooks and converting them into a pen-based tablet. Helping to fund this campaign will allow you to send in your own MacBook machines to Modbook for conversion at the starting price of $1999 or just buy a brand-new one from Modbook for $3999. Of course there are tons of other ways you can customize your Modbook using this campaign but that’s just two base prices. For this campaign to be funded Axiotron is looking for $150,000 to get this campaign off the ground. On the KickStarter page they say “Unleash your creativity with the most innovative and powerful pen tablet ever, the Mac-based 15.4-inch Retina display Modbook Pro X.” These new ModBooks will use the latest retina MacBook Pros released just a day before this KickStarter campaign. It’s almost like Axiotron knew that new retina MacBooks would be launching, Which they probably did. Axiotron has been granted permission by Apple to offer their parts & services since 2007.


Other additions to the new Modbook model are; integrated Keybars on the rear of the device which gives you easy access to keyboard shortcuts. They’ve also added  2,048 pressure levels, pen tilt and rotate to their screens with the digitizer pen. A Keyboard Stand that acts as an easel and also acts as a cover for the tablet. So if you’ve been looking for a portable larger digital drawing solution you might want to give this KickStarter campaign look. But if you’re not entirely sure about converting your old MacBook or buying a $4000 drawing tablet you might want to give a look to the Wacom Cintiq companion. Read my review on this product here.

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