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In the process of getting ready to interview varied artists within the Children’s Market I realized that many of you have some interesting names! Names that I sadly have no idea how to pronounce! I’m sure this is a problem that is common in a market that represents artists and writers from varied rich backgrounds and cultures all across the globe.

The last thing I wanted to do was get a chance to meet and speak with someone I respected and admired and get their name completely wrong when I spoke it. Luckily I found a solution that many of you will find useful, informative and fun.

TeachingBooks.Net has compiled a wonderful resource intended for teachers, but it can be used by fans and interested parties as well.

The site is constructed for the teachers at schools to get to know something about the visiting writers and authors at their schools. Largely how to properly pronounce their names, interviews, listing of teh books they’ve published and get additional visual and biographical information about them.  As I’m sure you know many Children’s Market writer and artists visit and give presentations to schools across the country.  This site proves to be a wonderful research tool for them.

The site also takes the process a step further by having the Writer’s and Artist’s explain how to properly pronounce their names themselves. You can search through their list of names and select the person of your choosing to hear them personally tell you how to properly pronounce their name. What a cool resource and find. I mean come on haven’t you always wondered how Jon Scieszka, Jarrett J. Krosoczka, or Leuyen Pham say their names without having to be embarrassed to ask yourself?


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