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Last year I supported a Indiegogo campaign for a project called Art PACT. PACT stands for professional artist client toolkit. PACT is a tool to help freelance fantasy, sci-fi, and comic book illustrators negotiate a better living wage for themselves. On Thursday the site when live and I thought I would give a quick update on what the site offers at launch. You will hear me say this several times, but I’m sure the content on this site is going to continue to grow. At the beginning of every site content is limited because they are still continuing to produce it. So please keep that in mind as you read this that I’m writing this on day four of the sites launch.

At launch they have 79 companies on the website but most don’t have reviews yet. While this site may be in it’s infancy I thought the company reviews were the cornerstone for this site. So when I saw that only a handful of companies had reviews I was slightly disappointed. With that said each of the reviews I read were very helpful and gave me information and insight into what working for each of these possible employers might be like. Each review consists of an overview, pay, timeliness, contract and work relationship. If you’re not up for reading the full review they have a handy rating system on the side of each review. The scale ranges from 1 to 5 and was a great at a glance overview. Since the content is user generated the site will continue to grow as it gets used more and the catalog of almost 80 companies will continue to grow as well.


So what else does PACT offer at launch? They have five articles by industry veteran artists and art directors. The articles’ subject matter ranges from spec work, getting paid, a day in the life of an art director, and my personal favorite Fear and I. I found them to be good reads. PACT also has downloadable sample contracts for use in dealing with clients. As of now there are five contracts you can download. I thought this content would be behind the pay wall but as of now anyone can download these five contracts. Contracts range from a One time rights document to All Rights for Limited Time and Purpose. Check out the complete list of downloadable contracts on the pack site if you’re interested. PACT also has a wonderful glossary with tons of terms all artists should know.

What does a PACT membership include and what can I get for free?


I’m writing this report four days after the site launched so I’m hoping that I’m not being too unfair to PACT. I’m sure more content is coming but as of now the only thing that seems to be behind a pay wall is the company reviews and that’s the only part of the site that I felt needed more content. A PACT membership is $29 a year and at this point I think you are paying for the potential of the site in the hopes that the community will become strong and the content will continue to grow. I love the idea behind this site and I’m hoping that it thrives.

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