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At Once Upon A Sketch we are all about sharing knowledge with the art community. That’s what we strive for with every post we put on our site. With that said we know we can’t cover everything and stories are bound to fall through the cracks. If you have a news story we have missed, a blog post with insight into the illustration process or just general information you think the Once Upon a Sketch Community would be interested in please share it with us.

We appreciate all posts that are passed on to us and all the hard work that goes into each of them. However, all submissions are judged and published based on their own merits, so please don’t take offense if your story doesn’t make it to the site. We already get lots of emails about sharing particular posts and we comb through them to find the very best to share with you.

Sadly, there’s no money involved with this. Just the knowledge that you shared your talents with the art community and it’s another way to get your name out there and maybe get a few more eyeballs on your work that may not have seen it otherwise.

Submission Guidelines 

At this point, we are interested in two types of pieces— 1.) articles that address some aspect of the children’s illustration market and 2.) tips and tutorials on the process of making artwork for the children’s market.

To submit your topic please follow these guidelines:
• Submit your article on our contact page. Be sure to include your name and email address so we can contact you if needed.
• In the subject line write: Submission—“The Name of Your Article” this way your email will stand out from all the rest of the mail we get.
• In the message form include a short description of what your article is about and a link to the post.

Please note:  If  for some reason you submit via our email address and not the contact page, do not attach any files or documents. Doing so will result in your email being disregarded.

That’s it. Please follow these three easy steps carefully. We would hate to miss a good submission.

Again, this is a no-pay market. Hopefully, the inclusion of your bio and a link to your site will provide enough of a payment and maybe some good publicity for you. At this point working on this site is a labor of love for the team here at OUaS. Its are way of trying to help pay back the art community that has helped our careers so much.


The OUaS Team

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