Adobe Adds New Features To Creative Cloud For 2014

Last week Adobe announced new features to its Creative Cloud subscription service. In mid 2012 Adobe launched Creative Cloud and has been releasing new features for it since it’s inception. In 2013 they released 50 new enhancements for the service and 2014 is looking like it is going to be no different. They’re kicking the year off with new additions to Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and Indesign CC. The notable additions include Perspective Warp to Photoshop, Illustrator receives Live corners and Indesign gets some E-pub enhancements. Let’s talk about these and a few more features a little bit more in-depth.

Photoshop CC
When talking about Adobe products you always need to start with Photoshop. It’s the product that pretty much everyone uses and everyone knows about. For 2014 they’ve added three key features to this program. The first one that jumps out to me and looks to be the most important to illustrators is Perspective Warp. Adobe’s description of this tool is: Fluidly adjust the perspective of a specific part of your image without affecting the surrounding area. Change the viewpoint from which an object is seen.pscc_perspectivewarp

Another feature that they added is support for 3-D printers. Photoshop already has 3-D tools but now they’ve added the ability to easily create, refine, and preview your design, and then print models directly to a connected 3D printer or other online service. Also new to Photoshop is Linked Smart Objects. This could be a big deal to you depending on what kind of work you do in Photoshop. Photoshop already had smart objects but now it’s even smarter. When you link an image into your PSD, Photoshop can now tell if you’ve made a modification to it and automatically update that file inside your document. For example, if you’re working on a poster with the company logo on it and the company decides to change the color of the logo at the last minute you will just need to add the updated file to your workflow and it will update in your document. Sounds pretty nice. Read more about all of PhotoShop’s new features here.

Illustrator CC
So what’s new in Illustrator? Well, they’ve overhauled the pencil tool. The new Pencil tool allows you to draw curves more accurately with options to extend paths, draw straight lines, and close paths. Now you can use presets to create smooth paths with fewer points or more precise renditions of actual strokes. This new feature applies to the Brush, Blob Brush, and Smooth tools. Another cool feature that illustrators might be interested in is the Perspective drawing enhancements Adobe has made. Modify perspective grid attributes, such as vanishing points and the horizon line, and see your artwork dynamically update to match the new perspective. The next new feature I found interesting is the Path Segment Re-Shape. Path Segment Re-Shape is a feature that Flash has had for a while but now they’ve added it to Illustrator. Now you can fluidly drag path segments into the shape you desire. New path reshaping is available in the Anchor Point and Direct Selection tools and accessible from the Pen tool, provides a more direct and intuitive way to edit path segments. newfeaturedfor2014illFinally, Live Corners lets you interactively edit the corners of shapes and paths. Edit and re-edit the corners of shapes and paths visually with on-art controls, or by entering values in the Control panel or new Corners dialog box. You can round, invert, or chamfer one or multiple corners at the same time. Read more about all of Illustrator’s new features here.

Indesign CC
Last but not least, Indesign CC received some updates as well. To me, the most interesting updates were in adding EPUB interactivity to your documents. Enhance your digital books with elegantly formatted footnotes that pop up in context on the page being read with a simple tap. Give readers the additional information they need without interrupting their focus or reading flow. newfeaturedfor2014indThey’ve also improved how you apply hyperlinks to your document. Creating and managing hyperlinks is now simpler, faster, and more intuitive. It seems that Indesign has also improved how it handles fonts because Adobe is touting several new features that have to do with fonts. Most importantly, no more “missing fonts”. With Indesign being part of creative cloud and Adobe including Typekit as one of the features Indesign can now sync missing fonts using Typekit. No more annoying dialog box shown you all your missing fonts (if you’re using Typekit fonts). Read more about all of Indesign’s new features here.

All of these new features are capped off by Adobe adding TypeKit support to all three of these applications. If there’s a new feature we missed or something you like to say about Adobe Creative Cloud offerings please leave them in the comments.

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