Once Upon a Sketch returning in 2014

Hello Loyal Readers,
It’s been several months since the site has gone on hiatus and since then I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with Once Upon a Sketch. Sadly, it’s just been sitting, collecting dust, but the community still seems to be using the site and leaving new comments. I know this because I still get emails showing new comments, likes, new subscribers to the YouTube channel and the site is still getting really good traffic. On the surface Once Upon a Sketch may look like it’s been dormant but I assure you behind-the-scenes that is not the case. I was advised by my family that keeping OUaS going strong should be one of my priorities. I want it to continue as well but, the question has always been how am I going to do this by myself. The answer I came to is, I can’t. Which is why I’ve been putting together a team of contributing artists to come help me on Once Upon a Sketch. They have graciously agreed to share their knowledge and wisdom of the illustration market with you. The artists that have agreed to contribute to the site are:

Kevin W Cross –
Donald Wu –
Mary Reaves Uhles –
Chris Jones –
Jennifer Zivoin –
Jannie Ho –

It’s very exciting for me to have these new contributors helping out with OUaS and on top of their help the site will also be getting a redesign. We will also have a change in the amount of posts we put up each week. Now we will have one post on Monday and another on Wednesday and if there is any other big news in the illustration world we will be sure to share it with you. All of these changes will be happening at the beginning of 2014. I hope you will join me for the reimagining of this website that Wilson and I spent so much time and effort putting together.

Thank you for your continued readership.



  1. Kirsty

    Look forward to the new start.

  2. Lori Maxwell

    Glad to hear it! You’ve got a great line-up of contributors and I think it’s a good tribute to your friend Wilson.

  3. johnathan

    Great News! I visit often, and look forward to every post! looking forward to the new year!

  4. shirley

    Wishing you and the OUaS team a wonderful 2014. Thank you for the update, Norm.


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