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A ways back I wrote a post about Proko is a resource for artists to get good art instruction videos on figure drawing, Portrait drawing and many other topics. The site is run by Stan Prokopenko. He’s an artist and teacher. If you like to learn more about this go back and read my first post about Proko.

Recently, I was back on the Proko site and found a great video on “How to Draw Gesture”. I watch the entire tutorial and thought it was a great overview on gesture drawing and I wanted to share. Stan goes over some important concepts to remember while practicing gesture drawing. He talks about Longest axis, Line of Action, Asymmetry of the body and something he calls CSI. This is a concept that I had never heard of but when you see it and apply it to gesture drawing the concept becomes clear. He says “To eliminate the unnecessary information in the contours and to capture that gesture the lines you use should be simple. Don’t use anything more complicated than a C curve, S curve, or straight.” CSI. Stan shares a lot of good information so give it a watch and let us know if you found it helpful.

Check out more of the videos Proko has to offer at the Proko YouTube channel or at his website

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