97 year old “Pixel Painter”

This touching documentary short is about Hal Lasko, The Pixel Painter. Hal, better known as Grandpa, so says his website, is a 97 year old digital painter. Grandpa, served in World War II drafting directional and weather maps for bombing raids and later worked as a graphic artist when all artwork was done by hand. His family introduced him to the computer and Microsoft Paint long after he retired in the 1970s. Now he spends 10 hours a day in his office creating artwork.


In the video he talks about how the computer allows him to continue to make his art even though he is legally blind. His artwork has been described as “a collision of pointillism and 8-Bit art.” This description is spot on. This video took me back to when I was a kid using MacPaint. I would create artwork of my favorite videogame and comic characters with the same pixel by pixel process. Lasko is now having his work shown for the first time in an art exhibition. Check out Grandpa’s work at


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