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Hello Readers!

Norm and I recently hosted a roundtable podcast discussion about the changes with Adobe and Creative Cloud.

Well, we were contacted by Adobe and it looks like we’ll be getting the opportunity to interview one of their reps. We’ll be asking the questions you’ve wanted answers to. So we are soliciting that our readers send us the questions they would like us to ask during this interview. We’ll choose a selection of questions to use from your submissions. All questions submitted are not guaranteed to be asked during the interview.

Feel free to post your questions in the comments or send us an email. Also let us know if it’s ok for us to use your name when we ask the question.

The interview will hopefully be the next podcast we post. The deadline for question submission is this coming Wednesday, June 26. 2013.

Thanks so much and we look forward to reviewing your submitted questions!
-Norm and Wilson

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Please check the Adobe FAQ page for answers to your questions that may already be answered.
We don’t want to ask too many questions that the answers to which are already available online.

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  1. michelle

    I’d love to know a simple list of new features for Photoshop & Illustrator. (I hate watching the long videos with so much info that I don’t need). Also is aftereffects cc coming out soon?


  2. Mili

    Hi Wilson and Norm!

    You can use my name, Mili, if you like but please no other revealing information for the podcast. I asked my friends, and we came up with following questions:

    If I had a student version of Adobe software can I use that version commercially if I sign up for Creative Cloud?

    How many times can I download Adobe software from Creative Cloud? What happens when I switch from a PC to Mac platform midway through my annual Creative Cloud subscription?

    If we think of something else, I’ll let you know.

    Have a great day, and thank you for this blog. :-)

  3. Sam

    Adobe’s swap to Creative Cloud as a one-size-fits-all approach to their software has enraged a large number of their former customers. One similar move that was received with cheers rather than scorn was AutoDesk’s recent announcement that they would move their software to a subscription model.

    It would seem that the key difference – judging by the moment the audience cheered – is that they offer no-cost subscriptions to students, individuals, and small firms. Essentially, if your entity is making less than a quarter million dollars a year in profit, come on over to AutoDesk and get addicted to their software. You can start paying once you’re making enough to justify the expense. Has Adobe considered offering a similar pricing structure?

  4. Katherine

    Hi Wilson and Norm. You may not use my name for this, and no other revealing info. First of all, thank you so much for providing a platform to discuss these issues. I have seen many concerned people talking about this topic, not many answers are accurate. I can understand any company wanting to monetize their systems, but this decision looks to me like a “Big Squeeze.” Although Adobe states that it will support those who purchased the Suites, they are not specific as to how long they will. In addition, there are disclaimers that say that the Terms of using these products can change. As they implement this decision, many others will follow. Microsoft is another who had implemented similar procedures, inventing a “Lifetime” period for programs so that support expires and is no longer provided, causing the program to become obsolete. This forces the user to purchase a new program. Add to that, they often have to also purchase a new computer that will work with the new program, because that isn’t supported. In addition, even the printers and all accessories to the computer also integrate into a struggle to maintain the balance of affordability. One really big issue to me is that with the economy in as big of a mess as it is, most people are surviving on a fraction of what they had before. The Adobe programs that they purchased have been working just fine for them. I know many people who keep their working computers with Adobe offline completely to keep the updates from inadvertently changing their system, causing big problems in their workspace. If Adobe says that they are doing this in an effort to support clients, and that they are not able to afford to support the ones who purchased the old Suites, my answer to that is that they have used their profits unwisely. I have seen so many instances where an update from Adobe has altered something that caused issues on the computer(s). The “down time” for these people is monetarily enormous getting these issues solved. I am concerned that with this “online’ subscription, these kinds of situations are even more possible. I have been using Adobe products all the way back to the very first Photoshop. As their system has evolved, it has become more disturbing. In order to use my Adobe Suite without it interrupting my workspace. If I want it not to, even though my settings are such, I have to completely take it off line. With this online subscription, I suspect that it will be nearly impossible to so this, and still get it to work properly. In addition to all of that, IP providers are now changing over to systems where they are monetizing the space that they allow any user to use, including the data that flows through their portal. As time goes by, they are all adding charges to the systems. Any data downloaded and uploaded will eventually cost the user as charges by the user’s IP provider. Over the last year, there have been changes to so many platforms resulting in new charges for users. many people are not aware of these changes as they do not fully understand the new Terms And Conditions that are flowing in to there email. Some of these are not accessible directly, but you have to go deeply in to a website, through the link, and then wade through many pages of Legal terminology. Because all of these big guys are following suite, it is an even bigger “squeeze” than ever imagined. All of this during a time when people are trying so hard just to survive. In addition, there are no offers from Adobe to provide any exceptions to this choice. If the public cannot afford it, they simply don’t get to use it. Planned obsolescence is part of this new plan that so many companies are using to their advantage. In addition to that, IP providers are now charging for the data storage, it is only a matter of time before they charge for the “flow” of data as well. All of the other questions about the function of the Adobe subscription seem to be minor compared with the big picture of charging (as many are) for subscription online for nearly everything. My question is, “Does Adobe have any plans to provide exceptions to this charge those who are having financial issues, still unemployed and/or partially employed, or are handicapped?” From what I have seen, only student discounts have been available for purchases, and even that is not much. As I am an advocate to these groups of people, I am very interested in seeing what the answer is to that. Thank you for listening. Katherine

  5. Diana

    Hi Wilson & Norm,
    I purchased CS6 about a year ago – I will most likely subscribe to CC now but who knows if I will continue with it year after year.

    If we subscribe to CC but then discontinue our subscription do we keep the software that we had access to when we were subscribed or does that all go poof? Example currently I have CS6 versions of Photoshop, indesign etc applications on my computer. As I understand it, With CC I have access to the latest updates to these as well as all the other Adobe applications. Am I able to download the applications/updates to my computer hard drive or do they just exist in the cloud?

    Yes you may use my name, Diana for this discussion. Thanks Wilson & Norm for this opportunity.

  6. Giorgio

    Dear DIANA,
    your software will go “poof” indeed, it will continue to function for 30-60 days, but at the next “Adobe control” it will stop working.
    Adobe will tell you that the software is not in the cloud but on your computer, and it’s right, but it will DISABLE HIMSELF when you stop paying.
    Not only that, but you will be UNABLE to access your files on older “non-rental” versions of the software, so you will LOOSE ALL YOUR WORK!

    Please, boicott this rental program. We want to OWN the softwares we pay for, NOT rent them.

    • Diana

      HI Giorgio,
      The fact that Adobe will mess with the software on my computer as well as hold my work hostage is unacceptable. if those are the CC fine print rental terms they are ridiculous and unacceptable.

      If this is so why should I even sign-up for CC even at a discounted rate unless I know I can continue paying forever and ever?????
      The problem with this rental system for me as a freelancer is that I have no guarantee that my income will continue to go up but I can guarantee that the subscription rate will rise annually.

      I went from CS2 to CS6 maybe I can hang on with what I have until I’m either wealthy or retired.

  7. Sher

    I have been using Adobe since Illustrator, Photoshop, and Pagemaker 1-then In-Design 1 and CS1 until CC today. I plan to go on using it, but will retire from the workforce at some time and may not have the funds to keep up the subscription. In the past I knew I could go on creating with the last sofeware I had purchased. Now I fear losing all my work and not being able to create new work if I have to end my subscription at some poing. There should be a way to keep the latest version you have been using! I understand not getting updates but do not understand no longer haveing my own latest version housed on my computer and the ability to open and work on the files I have created and saved to my computer-backup drives!
    I have been in this business a long time and stil access and re-purpose files /art I have created long ago – please do not bar me from using my own files in the future if economics change!

  8. Victoria

    I own the Adobe CS6 Master Collection on DVD, so I was reluctant to spend more money to join the Creative Cloud, and I was wary of not owning my software anymore.

    In April, I attended the ADIM conference that Adobe puts on (my 7th ADIM) and received a one year subscription to the Creative Cloud for attending. I was wanting to try Adobe Muse and Edge Animate, because even though I own the Master Collection, those two products are not included.

    So, I activated my Creative Cloud membership and I was really surprised to find I LIKE IT MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD!

    I had a very long list of doubts. All were resolved, save one.

    I still like the idea of having hard copy backups of the programs. I want to know that if my Internet access (or the Internet) goes down that I can still be productive. I’ve been a loyal Adobe customer since Illustrator 88 and Aldus PageMaker. I started using Photoshop in 1993 and AfterEffects in 1995. I’ve been using InDesign since before there was as CS.

    I calculated that 21 months of Creative Cloud at full $49.99 price is same as what I paid to go from CS5 Master Collection to CS6 Master Collection. I paid $1049 for the upgrade.

    It would be REALLY NICE if Adobe would give us all the programs in Creative Cloud on disk if we paid for a two-year subscription to Creative Cloud. That’s $150 more than I paid for the upgrade. That extra $150 should cover costs to send two-year Creative Cloud subscribers ALL of the programs, including Muse, Edge and the folio maker.

  9. Eric

    You cannot use any of my contact information.
    Their new version of software requires the computer to be hooked up to the internet. This invites the problem of NDA and other secure materials to be online at any given time to keep the adobe control active. This is clouded over by “you can have your computer offline” for between 30 and 60 days. It never addresses the need for certain computers to be offline entirely. Also there is the aspect that this is an increase of drastic proportions in money for a person who only upgraded every year to three years. This will force people who are already struggling to make ends meet fork out a lot of money that they may not have just to monetize Adobe’s business. And, this is clouded over by the hubris of “You have access to ALL of the software”. Well, if you only use Illustrator or, only use Photoshop, this is a large increase in outlay.

    If true, as mentioned before, that newer files are not workable in older purchased versions, the loss of backwards compatibility to older versions also creates a damming effect of only being able to work with people who are using the same software. This presents a stigmatizing effect on people who choose to not kowtow to Adobe.


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