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Recently through a website called I found a very helpful website called  that has a lot of helpful tutorial videos for digital painters. This site was created by Matt Kohr an illustrator and concept artist.

I recently went through his entire course catalog on and found it very helpful. The site has wonderful information for beginners and advanced artists alike. His philosophy on tutorials is based more on a foundational approach as opposed to other tutorials which just show the process but not why the artist makes particular decisions. He walks you through the process of creating illustration step by step and the best part is he lets you know his tips, tricks and thoughts.

I found his workshops on very insightful and helpful. There were things that I already knew in Photoshop but were applied in a different way that I could easily incorporate into my illustration workflow. For example, I would draw an entire character and place it into a scene. Then erase out the parts I didn’t need. At that point I would have 2 layers in my PhotoShop file, one with the full character and and the one that I edited to fit into the image. With what I learned I now add a layer mask to the character layer and non-destructively remove the areas I don’t want. Simple and effective.


Besides the videos on he also has helpful worksheets to hone your digital illustration skills and even a few free brushes. The best part of his site is its almost all free. The tutorials that does have for sale are longer courses that expound upon particular subjects. From perspective to drawing realistic surfaces there’s some good information to be found. I would suggest that if you find his free workshops helpful you might support his efforts by buying something from his store so he can continue helping our community. I think this is a very good resource for anyone interested in digital illustration. I personally learned a lot on the site. Check it out at or his work at

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  1. Henning

    I’ve been going through the tutorials on, and they’re great. Highly recommended.


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