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We often get asked about what should be in a contract and how to create one. We found this great resource online created for the students at SCAD(Savannah College of Art and Design) by instructor, Jay Montgomery.

We still highly recommend checking out The Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines  to help you learn the terms and terminology that is include in these kinds of contracts.

We made a post on the book here.

Original article here.

Illustration Students!

* Do you do freelance work on the side?

* If so, do you have the proper contracts set up to protect you and the client?

* Do you not want to get bamboozled with a commission or contract job?

* Well, you need to have a signed estimate/confirmation form stating all the terms of the job.

* You say, “Yea that’s what I need, but where do I find that and how do I make it my own?”

* Well, I have been working hard on that solution and here it is.

I have created a PDF template for an Estimate/Confirmation Form and Invoice Form specifically for freelance illustrator students and recent grads. These are two page PDF files that you can add your contact info/logo at the top of each page. It includes a functional calculating form, and tips for what to write in each field. To modify and use these forms you need the Acrobat 8 Professional . Be sure to follow the steps listed in the “Customize_Your_ILLU_Contracts.doc” exactly. There are some advanced techniques explained in there, but once you do it once it’s quite simple to get.
You can find these on my links page here.

or directly here:

Jay Montgomery


  1. Toasha

    I’m trying to find an illustrator for 2 kids books. What I need is a contract that splits the proceeds. Everything I’ve found gives full rights to the Client (myself in this case). I could make my own form but I don’t want a potential artist to think I’m being shady by doing so. Do you know of anything out there already that divides the commissions?

  2. John

    Hi, Love the info, but can you update the link to the files? These would be great resources to have!


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