Good Bye 2005-2013


Drawn!, one of the first illustration blogs I ever went to is shutting down. Started as just a hobby site by cartoonist and illustrator John Martz on March 4, 2005. In 2005 blogs weren’t as prevalent as they are today and Martz saw an opportunity to create something devoted to comics, illustration and drawing. Drawn! was born. Drawn was designed to share artwork and links when this concept was still fairly new. Drawn was a good way to find new artists and a way for artist to showcase their talents. With a large number of creators putting up a large amount of content the site quickly grew in popularity. Within a years time Drawn! was included in Time Magazine’s annual 50 Best Websites and became the top Google search result when searching for the keyword “illustration”.


Sadly on May 20, 2013 Martz has written a farewell post on his tumblr page called Drawn 2005-2013. In this post he explains the decision saying “Drawn was designed to share links and images when sharing links and images wasn’t easy to do. Eight years later, by the time I get around to posting something interesting on Drawn, it’s already made its way around the Twittersphere and been reblogged on Tumblr a thousand times over.”

Personally, I checked Drawn almost every day. I never went to the Drawn site but it was a part of my daily ritual every morning checking my RSS feed. It was a great source of inspiration right before I got started on my day’s work. A big thanks to John and the many contributors for many years of inspiration.


  1. Derek Douglas

    Shucks, that’s a pity! I too checked in with Drawn from time to time, to use for inspiration and learn about the industry. Not even to mention that they were a Canadian-based site… Oh well, all good things must come to an end. All the best to John Martz and the many contributers of Drawn!

  2. Norm

    Well said.


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