Adobe, Where Can I Just buy CS6?


Adobe, why did you hide the upgrade page for Creative Suite 6?

Ever since Adobe decided to switch their software to the Creative Cloud I have been looking to upgrade to CS6. Normally what I do with Adobe software is buy a version, wait 3 or 4 years then upgrade again. I’m sure people like me were one of the reasons they switched their model. I’m assuming this because those who don’t upgrade as often get hit with higher fees when they switch to Creative Cloud (introductory offers are only available to CS3 users and above). Personally I want to upgrade to CS6 and let Adobe work out the kinks with their cloud service and I’ll see them in a few years. Right now I’m using Creative Suite 4 and figured since they are getting rid of the traditional software model I should upgrade now and try to hold out for my standard amount of time. But it turns out that upgrading isn’t the easiest thing to do anymore on Adobe’s website. The first thing I did was went to their website and click “buy”. Thinking that this would take me to a page where I could upgrade my software. It did not. Adobe had changed all the links to take you straight to the Creative Cloud service. Well after a few hours of looking around and getting frustrated I decided to just ask Adobe where they had move this page too. The nice Adobe customer service representative sent me a link to where I could upgrade my software. Since it wasn’t the easiest thing to find I thought I would share the link with you. This link will take you to a page where you can upgrade your Adobe software. Once on the CS6 purchase page you will see the different software offerings and a price. To upgrade you have to click the buy button and then a drop-down will appear where you have to select “upgrade” then the price will adjust.

Hopefully this will save some people a few hours of their precious time.

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  1. Doug

    Unfortunately, if you own Photoshop CS4 like I do there is no upgrade. You have to pay full price. Thanks a lot Adobe…

  2. Lisa

    The link also resolves to the teacher/student pricing only. Just did a search and found some links to buy CS6 through the Adobe site, but they all redirect to the student/teacher pricing page. Looks like another way to force us into the creative cloud.

  3. Stefan


    I dont like to make this a Adobe vs Corel software respons on my part. Just saying I personally and preofessionally use CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Corel PAINTER when I work digitally as a professional illustrator & graphic desginer for my wide variety of clients. My girlfriend uses 100% Adobe software.

    Now, Adobe has said in a respons that Adobe users who like perpetual licenses e.g. DVD box licenses. Such you dont have to pay for ever to use, wil be able to upgrade to CS6 for a while longer, but thats it. If they later like to upgrade to CS7, then there is no CS7. Only CC and payed subscriptions model – CC version.

    I personally dont like this at all. Corel made a totally different solution: they have basically three choices: 1) DVD box version License. Buy and stay with that for ever and ever if you so choose. 2) Download version, Buy and stay with that for ever and ever if you so choose. And finally 3) Subscribe similar to Adobe CC.

    Point 1 and 2 is so called Perpertual license, which I personally like.

    Adobe is a big massive international company and they will probably survive, but I can not personally understand why they take away the choice. I can read their official reason, and interpret my own interpretation and go totally conspiracy-ish 😉 but regardless of either reason, the removal of choice is what made me tired of Adobe for my frineds and girlfriend who uses Adobe software.

    I dont think all Adobe users will move over to Corel software, but some have already done it, and made me surprised in the speed they made they change. And others I have heard/read seriously consider it. Now how many these will be in the future who knows. Either way, I like the choice Corel give instead of the coplete lack of choice Adobe give.


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