Hidden Resources-Art Director Interviews

After the recent hour long chat with Giuseppe Castellano on Twitter and it’s popularity, we thought it a good idea to show our readers other online resources that give access to the thought process and ideas from other art directors and editors of major publishers.

The resource that we’d like to point you to is one that is free to the public though it is offered on pay portfolio site,

Follow the link here to go to the front page.


Scroll down the left hand column to Industry Insider and select it.


This will take you to a number of valuable resources that are available to writers and illustrators on the site. The one we’d like to highlight today is the plethora of Interviews with various art directors and editors that give submission tips and tricks as well as insight into the industry from their side of the fence.

Tons of buried treasure looking to be found here! Enjoy!


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  1. Lisa J. Michaels

    Wow! How cool is THAT! Thanks Wilson!


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