Stephen Silver-Protect Your Art


Stephen Silver returns with a follow up to his previous video about not taking on free work. This one is in regards to entering contests that claim all rights to any artwork submitted.

In this day and age more and more individuals and companies are taking advantage of artists desperation to be seen. Pay attention to the fine print and retain control over the ownership of your images.

To learn more about Stephen and his work check his website and blog.


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  1. Mina Roy

    It’s great to be on radar for the competitions, as I’ve had my own experiences and struggles with it. On the subject of not paying to enter competitions, however, there are a few well known competitions that look amazing if accepted/won. Society of Illustrators, for example, holds a competition to get into the organization. Thankfully the Academy of Art University (where I’m currently enrolled) pays for our submissions, but after I graduate I will have to submit the fee. Should I avoid the Society of Illustrators after I graduate since the fee is required, or is your concerns more geared towards competitions held by marketing companies?

    Many thanks in sharing these videos, and I’ll continue to share them amongst my peers and club members. Keep the message alive!

    Best to you,
    Mina Roy


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