Stan Lee launches new digital kids imprint – Kid’s Universe


“Comic book legend Stan Lee proved once again that even at his venerable age of 90, he’s at the forefront of digital culture. On Saturday, he launched his new imprint, Kid’s Universe, which wants to be digital-oriented as the current times require — other than traditional books, it will offer ebooks, and apps. ” For rest of article follow link.


Stan Lee is the creator that brought the world Marvel comics and heroes like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. It looks like he is spreading his wings into the e-book market and has overseen the creation of a line of digital children’s books.

We are happiest to announce that the first book released from Stan’s imprint is by Dani Jones. A prolific illustrator who shares a great deal of information and resources for other illustrators on her blog and live webcasts. The first title is called Monsters vs. Kittens!




You can buy it here and check out Stan reading it to a group of kids below!


  1. Ruth Nesbit

    Brilliant….great pictures and soundbite words..Stan Lee rules!

  2. Tom

    I love Stan Lee and have his books. I learned more from his books than from anybody. What a great role model he is even today. This is typical of such a great man.

  3. Leahg cartoonist

    Awesome idea and what a massive massive inspiration Stan Lee is!!

  4. Arthur

    I just don’t get it. Even Stan Lee is taking the mickey out of the crappy writing. Surreal!

  5. Quinn Cole

    Stan Lee has been a shining light in comic illustration for decades. Now, he has done it again. Go Stan go!


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