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In the process of creating and maintaining mailing lists many of you run into the problem of wondering whether the person who was the Editor or Art Director 3 months ago is still in the same position today. As in life many folks shift and move from position to position or from publisher to publisher. There are a few ways to keep up with these changes so that your mailing lists can stay currrent and accurate.


Publishers Weekly has a daily/weekly digest of news and information that you can subscribe to. Not only do you get information about the Children’s Market but they also report when certain key positions move or are changed within certain publishers. Check here for updates and to subscribe to the newsletter for free.


Harold Underdown has a page on his Purple Crayon site dedicated specifically to shifting positions and roles within publishing. Check here and bookmark this page to help you maintain your mailing list.


If you are an SCBWI member then you get the Monthly Bulletin/Magazine, The SCBWI Bulletin. In that monthly periodical there is a column called Publisher’s Corner that goes over changes within the Children’s Market including position changes and publisher news.

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