Storytelling Master Class-The Reward

I love wordless books and animations. When done well they showcase how much story, character and mood you can tell your audience with just visuals.

As children’s book illustrators we need to be able to have our stories make sense to a child even if Mommy and Daddy aren’t there to read the words to them. So storytelling is a large part of our job requirement.
The film below is a great example of storytelling. It’s called, The Reward. It’s a graduation film from Denmark’s The Animation Workshop. They manage to do in 9 minutes what many hour and a half movies fail to do and they have the advantage of dialogue. They develop character, worlds and story without a stitch of dialogue. Watch and learn folks! Great stuff!

The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.


  1. paul

    I couldnt see the video embedded in the article.
    Here’s the link for others:


  2. Adam Hartlaub

    Fantastic visual storytelling. Target audience seems older than young children of course, haha. But yeah, absolutely, this is what you want to shoot for. Characters and situations in your illustrations have to be just as believable as your reader’s imagination let’s them be.

    • WilsonWJr

      LOL! Of course. Was it that bar scene or the amputation? Ha! Our blog is targeted at adults making art for kids and is not a kids site. So when we find good examples of elements that can enhance our ability to tell kids stories we love sharing them. Hopefully our audience realizes that. (Fingers crossed!)

  3. Mary Uhles

    i agree really great visual story telling. the back grounds and settings were stunning

  4. Mili

    It’s films like this that remind me why I love animation. 🙂

  5. Mikkel Mainz

    Thanks for liking and discussing the reward;) obviously it was made to an elder audience, but we wanted to keep the childish and silly characters and place them in an epic and beautiful environment. The story works well without dialogue mostly because of the fast forward storytelling. We really wanted to tell This story, but we knew that we had to compromise on Many Things to be able to do it in 9 minutes. The montages were a great way of being able to do that. Enjoy your day, and stay curious and love what we do 😉 Mikkel Mainz, one og the directors of the reward

    • WilsonWJr

      You are more than welcome Mikkel! It’s our pleasure to share your work with our readers! Thank you for providing such an inspirational and masterful work to expand our creativity! I look forward to seeing what you achieve in the future! There’s a mountain of promise in what you do!


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