New SCBWI Resource Guide available for members

If you are a SCBWI member then the following announcement is bound to please you! If not, then it is yet another reason you should strongly consider joining.

What is SCBWI SCBWI is easily one of the best first steps into the Children’s Publishing World. They provide a well spring of information for both writer’s and illustrators that crosses multiple aspects of the children’s market. They also provide workshops and conferences across the country that give the opportunity for writers and artists to enhance their knowledge, show their work and meet with editors, art directors, agents and professional writers and illustrators for tips and advice(and every now and then book deals!).

Part of your introductory pack includes the publication below currently rechristened, The Book.  This resource is updated and republished every two or so years and we are happy to announce that this is the year the latest version sees the light of day.


If you are already a member the book is free to download at the SCBWI site here. If you are a member but want a physical copy, it will cost you $5 and you can order it here. If you aren’t a member you can join SCBWI for a minimal fee and the physical book is included as part of your introductory package.

Within it is a wealth of information in regards to the Children’s Market. Chapters on marketing, book trailers, social media and self-publishing are just the beginning. Check out the table of contents below.


So if the subject matter looks of interest then I strongly suggest you consider joining SCBWI. Not just for the Resource Guide but also for all the other opportunities and information the group offers.



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