Fuel for your tank-Jamie Hewlett


It’s scary out here. I mean, it’s all changing so quickly. The publishing industry in flux.  The number of available jobs is slimming. The number of people wanting and competing for those jobs is increasing.
It seems like you have less and less time to make your dreams a reality. Especially when you dream big like we artists tend to do.

That’s why we post so many videos or articles that are motivational and inspiring. Videos of other professionals who have made it. Professionals that we admire, love and seek to emulate in what we do.  Professionals, that in the process of telling their stories reveal that they are just like us. That they were once in the same exact spot that we find ourselves in now. Our heroes aren’t that different from us. What a source of hope that is!

Many generous artists spend a great deal of time passing on their knowledge and wisdom to those of us trying to catch up and run alongside them. I do my best to find it so I can pass it along to you. I don’t know about you, but I need that as a form of fuel in my tank. Something that keeps me going, striving and having faith that I’ll get there someday too. Then I hope to be able to do the same for those running to catch up with me.

In the mean time here’s some more fuel to keep you and me going till we get there. Surround yourself with people who share your sentiment and support your dreams and will keep you humble should you manage to get there before you’re ready. Enjoy!


Jamie Hewlett is an english comic artist responsible for co creating the comic series Tank Girl as well as the animated virtual band Gorillaz.




  1. linda pierce

    Said it all so eloquently–what it is to be an artist. Inspiring!

  2. theartofpuro

    Great post:)

  3. Levi Bennett

    hes such an inspiring person. not even because of the things he says, but the fact that he says them and doesnt expect people to care as much as they do.


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