Children’s Book Industry Talk at AAU

I was browsing through Donald Wu’s blog and ran across this video. An Academy of Art University recording of Julie Downing, Matt Faulkner and Andrea Brown pitching the idea of attending an Advanced Children’s Book Illustration class to a group of potential students.

In the process of attempting to incite these students to take the course, the presenters give out a lot of great information, tips and study points for anyone interested in breaking into the field of Children’s Books. They also speak on the changing industry and shifts towards digital rather than traditional publications and the impact it is or isn’t having on the industry. A lot of wisdom is shared in this video along with a lot of personal experience.


Matt Faulkner is a Writer/Illustrator who has more than thirty books to his name and credentials.


Julie Downing is a Writer/Illustrator who has more than thirty five books to her credit.


Andrea Brown is a literary agent who represents both artists and writers and is one of the top agents in the country at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

The presentation is long, but well worth the listen! I guarantee you’ll come away with new information, inspiration and hope! Enjoy!


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