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Illosaurus Relaunches

artwork copyright Wilson Williams, Jr.

We are happy to announce that a great resource has relaunched and we are happy to count ourselves among the listings!

Illosaurus is a site run by the same folks who oversee Little Chimp Society.  It’s a directory for Illustrators of websites that are helpful and considered great resources for the field of Illustration.  It includes a searchable database as well as curation to make sure that not just any site can be added to its listings.

It’s in the beginnings of it’s rebirth and they could use all the input our community can provide. If you know of any sites in particular that you feel are good resources for Illustrators make a point to go and submit it to them for inclusion.

If you see a site there that you think is great, be sure to leave a great review for it so that others will make sure to visit it. (Achem, achem……)

Now go feed the Illosaur!

Schoolism’s Gesture Drawing class and My thoughts

Last weekend I finished up my Gesture drawing class at with Alex Woo. This is the second class I’ve taken at this site and so far I’ve found both classes to be very helpful. The first class I took at Schoolism was character design (Read my review of that class here). When I took my first class I took it as the Video Feedback option where you take the course, watch the videos, do the homework and then the instructor gives you a 5 to 10 minute review of your work. I found the video feedback very helpful but it was double the price. This time trying to save a few bucks I took the class as a Self-Taught. Self-Taught classes let you work at your own pace and take the lessons whenever you want with in a 3 month window. My thoughts on the Self-Taught version vs the Video Feedback classes in a bit. First lets talk a little about Gesture drawing with Alex Woo.  Continue reading

Learning How to Commission a Painting-Randy Gallegos

A great question we get from readers who enjoyed our past post regarding, The Ten Questions you should ask before you Say “Yes” to illustrating someone’s children’s book is, “What resource can we direct them to if they aren’t sure how to answer some of the ten questions?”.

Luckily we found an AMAZING free resource that you can direct them to.  Randy Gallegos is dropping in to share this great resource that will inform any potential client of the information they need to come up with a price, understand what rights to ask for, and explains many aspects of the publishing and art creation process and how to approach an artist correctly.

So please download the free guide and enjoy Randy’s post!

Artwork copyright Randy Gallegos

Some time ago, I wrote a post detailing how a collector might commission a unique painting for their collection.

However, the bulk of my year is spent producing artwork for clients, to be used as illustrations in various products. Typically, these are larger or more established companies. Increasingly, they are small publishers or even self-publishers (“indies”).

In working with indies, often I find they just don’t understand too much of what’s involved in commissioning illustration, because there are no good primers out there that I know of, written for them. One can get great information from product distributors, app stores, e-publishers, and printers on how to handle those aspects of their project, but when it comes to illustration, there is far less. As a result, I know many illustrators who just won’t work with indies, which is a shame because I’ve found that with knowledge, indies can be great project collaborators.

I’ve had very successful interactions with indies, and this has been because I have usually taken the time to educate them, so they get just what they want, without paying for more than they need. To that end, I’ve written a pamphlet for the indie publisher that lays out what commissioning illustration looks like, what terms you need to know, goes into copyright examples, and gives real-world scenarios to emphasize that when you understand all these, you can present your project to illustrators in a way that they’ll be interested in working with you.

To that end, I have compiled and expanded this information into a free pamphlet for you to read. I hope it will benefit you whether you end up working with me, or any other illustrator. It will help you land a great illustrator, and it will save you headaches and probably money. It’s an in-depth read, but it’ll save you time and make your proposal much more attractive to illustrators.

Download the free pamphlet here!

Continue reading

Free Audio Stream of The Perfect Bait by Bobby Chiu

This month as a holiday gift Schoolism and Bobby Chiu are offering a free audio stream of Bobby’s book The Perfect Bait. The Perfect Bait is an audiobook about finding your natural style and creating demand as a creative artist. This is how he describes his book:


“When I was a student in art school, I had an idea of making a book. It would be about how to become a successful artist, as seen from the viewpoint of somebody who wasn’t successful yet. Continue reading


Once Upon a Sketch Podcast Episode 2 – Chris Lauria

This month Norman Grock and Wilson Williams, Jr. interview Chris Lauria about his work in the field of Toy design. Chris is an amazing illustrator with a 20 year career in the toy industry. He started in 1991 and has worked with a several well-known brands like Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and The Simpsons just to name a few. Chris shares with us his beginnings in the toy industry and talks with us about his process for creating unique toy designs and illustrations. To find out more about Chris’s work visit his portfolio site. Please note that our podcasts are released on the first Monday of every month.

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