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While we love that our readers listen to and enjoy our podcasts, in no way shape or form are we the only game in town. There are many other groups of Illustrators who make it a point to share their experiences and information with their peers.

One such podcast is DrawnToday. I want to initiate you into this podcast by tying it to another post of ours. I recently posted a brochure called “How to Commission an Illustration” by Randy Gallegos. The DrawnToday podcast that I highlight features Randy and other Illustrators at the Illuxcon convention as they brainstorm with audience members and industry professionals on ideas of how to improve our experience as artists within the industry. They brainstorm on ways to hold publishers accountable in their practices and prices that have changed very little in the past ten plus years.


This episode of the DrawnToday Podcast features Mike Sass and Aaron Miller along with illustrators such as Jim Pavelec and Todd Lockwood during a panel discussion at this year’s Illuxcon symposium.  In a discussion that has a direct bearing on each and every working illustrator and illustration student, the panel member’s discuss payment rates, online client review ideas and plan to create an online resource for uniting illustrators to help increase reasonable working rates and to create the best possible product for clients.

Listen to the podcast here!

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  1. Chris Jones

    This was a great listen. Very interesting. It’s kind of sad that a lot of us illustrators are at the mercy of these big publishing companies for our income. I think a shift is on right now – to more and more self started projects via Kickstarter and the like.


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