Illosaurus Relaunches

artwork copyright Wilson Williams, Jr.

We are happy to announce that a great resource has relaunched and we are happy to count ourselves among the listings!

Illosaurus is a site run by the same folks who oversee Little Chimp Society.  It’s a directory for Illustrators of websites that are helpful and considered great resources for the field of Illustration.  It includes a searchable database as well as curation to make sure that not just any site can be added to its listings.

It’s in the beginnings of it’s rebirth and they could use all the input our community can provide. If you know of any sites in particular that you feel are good resources for Illustrators make a point to go and submit it to them for inclusion.

If you see a site there that you think is great, be sure to leave a great review for it so that others will make sure to visit it. (Achem, achem……)

Now go feed the Illosaur!


  1. Amy Blake

    Hey, I just had a great idea! I could go to illosaurus and leave a review about your site. I don’t know why that just popped into my head. LOL


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