1. Elizabeth

    Loved your tutorial! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Mili

    So that’s how it’s done! :-)

  3. Becky

    Do you think it takes longer to color digitially than it does with…say, watercolor?

    • WilsonWJr

      It all depends on your technique and which medium you are more familiar with. For me, it is much more easy and fluid to sketch traditionally and scan that in and color it. Doing the initial sketch on the computer takes me longer and my hand doesn’t move as instinctually for some reason. I’m practicing though! Painting in the computer is quicker for me due to the fact that it’s all in one place and I don’t have to prep materials to complete images. For instance, with watercolors I would need to buy the paper, then stretch the paper. Then mask the image area with artists’ tape and either enlarge and transfer my sketch or draw the image on the board. With the computer I scan the sketch, place it on a layer, put another layer on top and start to paint. Much quicker pace from the jump! Also if I mess up it’s easy to fix versus watercolor can be a bit more problematic. But no one can deny the beauty and special quality of a traditionally painted image versus a computer generated one. But a lot of that gap is being closed with newer and better technology.

  4. Steve Feldman

    That sure makes it look easy!
    I have been hesitant to play around more with different brushes because my system seems glitchy when switching back to my favorite brush setting (I am using the Wacom Intuos4). For some reason even though all the settings are where I want them the brush will not return when selected until some unknown voodoo brings it back. I usually switch back and forth between eraser and brush tool while using the finger ring enlarging and diminishing the size of the brush or eraser. After a while it works again. Not sure if my efforts have anything to do with the return of the brush. Am I missing some simple step somewhere?

  5. Nancy

    Very helpful, thank you for this site.


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