We Are Thankful For You, Our Readers

This Thanksgiving, Wilson and I wanted to personally thank our readers. We have a blast running this site and we truly give thanks for your support and readership. We want to also thank our guest contributors who have helped add their invaluable experiences and knowledge to our community. We have seen the number of people coming to our site grow exponentially this year and it’s been amazing to be a part of it. We are receiving well over 8,000 page views per month. Wilson and I appreciate every single pair of eyeballs that pays attention to the content we create. Just Monday we got our largest amount of traffic ever with over 1600 visitors in a single day which is the most in our history. This year we found ourselves having to learn a lot of new things with running a website. We have had a crash course in social media and even podcasting which has turned out to be a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. From scheduling interviews to figuring out how to get the best quality audio out of Skype it’s been a challenge. The best part of it all being that we found ourselves enjoying this challenge.

We’ve also been receiving an increasing amount of thoughtful and interesting comments on all the places we share our content. Whether you find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and or via another site we’ve enjoyed all of your comments. So much of the internet these days is thoughtless Internet trolling and we certainly don’t need more of it. I’m happy to say that on Once Upon a Sketch all of the conversations we’ve had have been positive  and thoughtful sharing of experiences.

I hope you found the information we’ve had to share helpful in your career. Thank you for tuning in to our website and please continue to do so! Happy Thanksgiving!


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