Lynne Chapman walks us through the genesis of her book, “Swap” Part 7

Part 6 of our exploration of Lynne Chapman’s posts about the process of her new book Swap. From pitching it to the publisher to dropping the final art in the mail.
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Today we post another five blog posts from Lynne’s journey. To jump to the end and see all the posts now, drop by Lynne’s blog!

In her 30th post Lynne has finished her previous image and is moving on to the other more complicated images.

In her 31st post Lynne focuses on finishing the cover for Swap!

In her 32nd post Lynn has finally finished her pastels for the entire book! The last images she works does are the endpaper illustrations. The next step for her is doing a continuity check! Making sure that things are consistent from image to image. A great step for an illustrator to consider and even get a second pair of eyes to check on. You’d be amazed how much stuff you tend to miss in your own artwork that is glaringly obvious to a fresh set of eyes.

Hopefully the images will be approved and Lynne can move on to the next project. But revisions are a part of the game. We’ll update you if she had to retool anything after the images make it to the editor’s desk.

If you can’t wait you can hop over to Lynne’s blog and investigate for yourself!



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